Q. Wtf is this?

A. Our platform is designed to create intergenerational connections. Local programs are supported by our team on the ground, facilitated by the #genfriend matchmaking app.


Q. How does it work?

A. Every day heroes are supporting us to connect with some of Australia's most vulnerable people. Local business, local organisations, councils and program ambassadors act as connecting points for registration. This enables our elders access to social connection, new skills and an opportunity to share their lived experience. Other generations are engaged through numerous means from Universities, Tafe, start-up communities and your local neighbourhood.


Q. Who can be involved?

A. Everyone! Ask us how you can be involved.
Whether you are 4, 40 or 400.
This is a community-driven solution. Currently, we have University students registering for credit-approved programs with Over 65's. This is just the beginning.


Q. Why would I want to do this?

A. For students, it is an incredible opportunity to gain experience outside the confines of tertiary academia. You will gain access to an untapped source of wisdom, genuine connection and the chance to transfer millennial skills, whilst having a good time. Not only this, but genXchange supports the development of individual entrepreneurial skills, sourcing partners who can support real community change. This is not traditional volunteering. It is collaboration for real change. The sky is the limit.


Q. Who funds this?

A. In addition to our teams blood sweat and beers, we have accepted the generous donation of private seed funding. We are currently sourcing local and federal government support, plus corporate sponsorship to expand the programs across Australia.


Q. What are the genXchange goals?

A. To design a secure and efficient platform accessible across Australia. Offering mutually beneficial one-one and group based genXchanges nationally.

We intend to connect 100000 #genfriends by 2020.