Genfriend Membership Terms & Conditions;

Membership gives you access to genXchange workshops, programs and connection to other members.



Terms & Conditions


  1. Responsibility

genXchange recognises its responsibility to members and undertakes to;

    1. Provide members with information, support and training in order to participate in selected programs at their own discretion.

    2. Provide members with a safe and secure social platform.

      It is the responsibility of each genXchange member to engage in all and any programs and one-one genfriend connections at their own risk. We do our best to maximise safety and security, yet it is not the fault of genXchange in the instance that loss, damage or injury is caused in the absence of our staff hosted experiences.

  1. Education and Training

Every member must complete the compulsory workshop and induction session to participate in genXchange programs. The participants will enrol and agree upon the specifications of their program schedule at the induction, with the opportunity to adjust program participation upon request and approval.

  1. Occupational health and safety

Generation Exchange supports the rights of all persons covered by the policy to participate in an environment that is, so far as reasonably practicable, safe and without risks to health. Generation Exchange  is committed to the promotion of a joint and united approach to consultation and resolution of Work Health and Safety issues.

All reasonable steps will be undertaken to provide members with programs compliant with OH&S standards.

  1. Compliance with laws

    1. You are responsible for:

      1. complying with anti-discrimination legislation;

      2. complying with relevant laws regarding bullying and harassment;

      3. complying with, and ensuring that Generation Exchange complies with, work health and safety laws.